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Topher Dimaggio is surely Perhaps not an exclusive model for but he features today created 42 scenes for all of them. He is 5.11, with strong brown eyes and black colored tresses. Drill My Hole is just obtaining begun on a brand name brand new show called Guys For Sale. Component 1 has an advanced new stud known as Topher, a self-proclaimed “top guy”, paired with gorgeous Jimmy Fanz ( just who we last saw in Intercourse a la Carte.) inside the latest picture from Drill My Hole, he could be paired up with a newcomer to the show. One for the very good aspects of this might be that new versions are always becoming released in to the Software and actually do freshen things up a bit. The unusual opening is actually interesting and lusty as well: we see a couple pictures of an evening period urban region skyline, then two nude feet. Whenever you’re into the disposition to view some high quality and unique gay porno, you can rely on the Drill My Hole site to have brand-new content that includes a few of this hottest homosexual intercourse Instants and most alluring designs on the web.

It gets the audience to be made use of to such folks and assemble up a connection Collectively with them along with allowing the designs have actually some type of Fan foundation. Theres a Cut – and then we are found “one-day before” the current event: it feels as though our business is Topher Dimaggio Tube seeing a Hollywood thriller – with guy on man sex…. Our two hairy hunks are hectic in the sleep, perfecting their 69 strategies. The beginner in Interrogation Instruction is Joey Moriarty whose name is instead sexy. He has ended six foot tall with good dark tresses plus a long, uncut dick with a pleasant smooth chest and Wide arms. The chemistry between those two Men is Heating up as they get down on each various other with these kinds of happiness. Soon, Topher Dimaggio is occupied Offer Jimmy’s hairy bum a deep reaming while their fingers continue patting Jimmys Inflexible cock. Jimmy soon lets Topher Comprehend he is more than ready to begin. He has attained clemency of their Instructor and today we have them doing sexual methods, such to be associated with a chair. This may be a great military fetish scene using the brand-new boy responding to concerns while he is Informed as Dimaggio gives him some corporal punishment. After merely a min or therefore later on, Shane gets a notion and slithers a homosexual video clip regarding the television while Topher is still stroking his dick.

Their cock is erect and capable to go. Points go along a period as Joey is forced to draw the captain’s cock and get rather hot beneath the collar as he does. Topher sleeps with the bushy asshole until Jimmy squirts cum around his own Belly. Topher Dimaggio jerks off a couple occasions before he includes their jizz as to what is currently covering Jimmy’s top torso. Jimmy leaves and Topher Ascertains to Perspective the news. The armed forces fantasy is preserved also if Joey starts to feel the temperature of their captain’s lips around his stiff cock, which actually transforms points up a gear. Dimaggio desires to move stuff along an equipment and does therefore by obtaining Joey and themself Bare and screwing him Invulnerable to the wall surface. This really transforms things up a level and equally dudes scream with satisfaction because the unavoidable free gay porn orgasm comes. The brand new man really gets broken in Challenging over these these scenes and there’s an excellent 10 moments of hardcore anal.

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Topher is a stud with a nice cut cock and a tight bottom. Topher Dimaggio has been with a lot of men and has seen a lot of hard core actions. He is writing a blog post for adults. In this blog post he writes about all the great sex that he has had with men during his time. One story is sure to get the reader hot and bothered. And right now he is in his hotel room taking a shower. He is out of the shower and already hard. He finds an older but hot guy named Danny Wright in his bed. Danny is well tanned and strocking his eight inch cock as he watches a porno movie. Topher Dimaggio decides to take a chance and lets his towel fall to the floor. Donny gets his first look at the huge cock. Donny tells him to join him in bed. And Topher doest waste a moment getting over to him.
Topher puts Donny’s rock hard cock in his mouth taking it all the way down. Donny returns the favor then the men get into the 69 positions. Dimaggio’s tight ass is ready for some more action.
He then takes Donny’s cock and begins to take it all the way down only this time it is entering his tight hole. Donny turns his over and starts really giving it to him. He takes long and slow strokes . He is able to cum his he is being banged from behind. He is excited from the pounding that he is taking. Topher’s white ass is really taking it from the well tanned body of Donny. Donny is turned on by this and cums all over his well toned behind. Topher is only done for the time being. He still have much more to do and more men to get involved with.

Stepfather’s Secret

You may remember a while back we were talking about the new series, Stepfather’s Secret, from Drill My Hole. In the very first scene we saw stepdad, Dirk Caber, surprise his stepson, Johnny Rapid, in the shower. What followed was a really hot older/younger sex scene under the spray of warm water. This new scene is Stepfather’s Secret, part 2, and involves another young stepson. Topher Dimaggio is a newcomer making his very first scene. This cute twink is decked out with tattoos and has a really sexy little butt. The moment Dirk enters the room things begin to explode between them.

Topher Dimaggio is in his bedroom, working on his anatomy homework. He is having a bit of trouble understanding some of what he is reading, so Dirk talks to him about how men’s toys work. The medical and technical terms are a bit too much, so he offers Topher Dimaggio a hands-on lesson, using the young lad’s own soft toy and hanging balls to demonstrate. As things heat up and Topher Dimaggio gets hard, dear old stepdad gives Topher Dimaggio his first taste of pre-cum. Then Dirk decides Topher Dimaggio needs to know what it feels like having his young toy in an older man’s mouth. Soon his salt-and-pepper head is working up and down on the twink’s hardening shaft.

Since this is Topher Dimaggio’s first time being with a guy, he is a bit unsure of what to do once he releases Dirk’s throbbing toy from his pants. It doesn’t take him long to figure it out and soon he is getting his first sweet taste of another man’s toy. By the looks of things, Dirk has no complaints about the way his young stepson is sucking his toy. Moving over to the bed, Topher Dimaggio decides to give himself to Dirk, and turns his ass towards Dirk. Never one to refuse, Dirk slowly slides his shaft into this tight virgin hole. Not wanting to scare the young boy, Dirk starts off slowly, inching his way in while Topher Dimaggio relaxes and takes in more of the long toy.

Once fully in, Dirk shows Topher Dimaggio no mercy as he begins pounding him hard and fast. Topher Dimaggio gasps and groans as he experiences a pleasure he never even knew existed, let alone imagined. Things continue fast and furious until Topher Dimaggio can no longer hold back – he shoots his jizz all over himself while Dirk continues to pound his tight ass. In minutes dear stepdad is shooting his own load of jizz all over Topher Dimaggio’s young body. Sadly, the anatomy lesson for today has ended, but this practical demonstration was certainly an eye opener for young Topher Dimaggio. And this act will also remain the Stepfather’s Secret.