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Gay Pornstar Jimmy Fanz being interviewed by Jarec Wentworth

This episode starts off with Jimmy Fanz being interviewed, and him saying how in awe he is about the whole awards. He has turned up with Darius Ferdynand and is very happy until Jarec Wentworth turns up and starts acting all jealous towards him – taking Darius to the awards and not him after they fucked each other just a few hours before. Jarec annoys the boys by following them around and staring at them wherever they go. The tension builds up the more the night carries on. Darius and Jimmy are enjoying themselves, but want some down time with just themselves. Darius takes Jimmy backstage and they start kissing and taking their clothes off.
Darius squats down and takes Luks Adams famous cock into his hungry mouth. Jimmy looks down and gets even more turned on as he watches Darius spit on his cock. He takes his head in his hands and thrusts his cock in and out of Darius’s eager lips, whilst Darius grabs Jimmy’s ass and gives it a good smack.
Jimmy gets Darius to turn around and put one leg up a ladder and one leg on the floor. Jimmy gets down behind him and starts to eat out his hard asshole. Darius can’t help moaning out with pleasure as electricity travels up and down his spine. Jimmy probes his asshole with a finger one minute and darts his tongue in and out of his crack the next, with the occasional slap of his ass.
Staying in the same position Jimmy Fanz stands up and drives his thick hard cock straight into Darius’s tight wet asshole. The room fills with the sound of their skin smacking against each other as Jimmy pounds his cock hard and fast inside Darius.
Sweat pours down Jimmy Adam’s hot body and, after fucking Darius’s hot ass for a while, Darius Ferdynand cums over his ravished body. Jimmy Fanz sends loads of his hot man juice all over Darius’s handsome young face.
They get dressed quickly and go back to the awards, bumping into Jarec Wentworth almost straight away. Jarec tells Jimmy his almost time for him to up on stage but it’s about time he chooses who goes up on stage with. Will Jimmy pick Jarec, or will he pick Darius? want more of Jimmy Fanz Gay Porn – click here

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