Stepfather’s Secret

You may remember a while back we were talking about the new series, Stepfather’s Secret, from Drill My Hole. In the very first scene we saw stepdad, Dirk Caber, surprise his stepson, Johnny Rapid, in the shower. What followed was a really hot older/younger sex scene under the spray of warm water. This new scene is Stepfather’s Secret, part 2, and involves another young stepson. Topher Dimaggio is a newcomer making his very first scene. This cute twink is decked out with tattoos and has a really sexy little butt. The moment Dirk enters the room things begin to explode between them.

Topher Dimaggio is in his bedroom, working on his anatomy homework. He is having a bit of trouble understanding some of what he is reading, so Dirk talks to him about how men’s toys work. The medical and technical terms are a bit too much, so he offers Topher Dimaggio a hands-on lesson, using the young lad’s own soft toy and hanging balls to demonstrate. As things heat up and Topher Dimaggio gets hard, dear old stepdad gives Topher Dimaggio his first taste of pre-cum. Then Dirk decides Topher Dimaggio needs to know what it feels like having his young toy in an older man’s mouth. Soon his salt-and-pepper head is working up and down on the twink’s hardening shaft.

Since this is Topher Dimaggio’s first time being with a guy, he is a bit unsure of what to do once he releases Dirk’s throbbing toy from his pants. It doesn’t take him long to figure it out and soon he is getting his first sweet taste of another man’s toy. By the looks of things, Dirk has no complaints about the way his young stepson is sucking his toy. Moving over to the bed, Topher Dimaggio decides to give himself to Dirk, and turns his ass towards Dirk. Never one to refuse, Dirk slowly slides his shaft into this tight virgin hole. Not wanting to scare the young boy, Dirk starts off slowly, inching his way in while Topher Dimaggio relaxes and takes in more of the long toy.

Once fully in, Dirk shows Topher Dimaggio no mercy as he begins pounding him hard and fast. Topher Dimaggio gasps and groans as he experiences a pleasure he never even knew existed, let alone imagined. Things continue fast and furious until Topher Dimaggio can no longer hold back – he shoots his jizz all over himself while Dirk continues to pound his tight ass. In minutes dear stepdad is shooting his own load of jizz all over Topher Dimaggio’s young body. Sadly, the anatomy lesson for today has ended, but this practical demonstration was certainly an eye opener for young Topher Dimaggio. And this act will also remain the Stepfather’s Secret.